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Facials Giving Your Face a New Glow

Finely-tuned facial services for oily skin, dry skin, wrinkles, blemishes, and more.


Great skin begins with Guinot advanced products and treatments. Founded in 1963, Guinot has become a world leader in the beauty industry. Guinot works in close partnership with the medical field and it’s manufacturing facilities meet pharmaceutical standards.
Choose from a wide variety of treatments from the renowned Guinot Institute in Paris. All of our facials achieve maximum results, incorporating deep relaxation with a full face, shoulder, neck and scalp massage, plus a complimentary hand massage while masking.

Hydradermie Facials

Hydradermie Double Ionisation – 90 minutes $100

Our most popular facial. Using the most advanced technology, the Guinot Hydradermie Double Ionisation machine, this amazing treatment offers eight options, perfectly tailored to your skins needs and includes:

  • deep cleansing
  • extraction of impurities
  • oxygenation to calm and sterilize
  • relaxing and restoring massage
  • mask, and appropriate serum and moisturizing creams
  • Yyur skin will look and feel smoother, healthier and younger

Age Logic Hydradermie – 90 minutes $106

All of the above and including the use of the revolutionary Age Logic technology. Age Logic is the first product line to contain cellular life sustaining compounds.These compounds are used to reconstitute skin cells. Age Logic also contains ATP, the fundamental molecule that fuels cellular activity. Combined with powerful anti-oxidants, these products and treatments restore vital functions to aging skin, making it firmer, smoother and younger looking. Profound anti-aging results

Whitening Hydradermie Facial – 90 minutes $106

Our whitening and brightening Hydradermie Facial includes all the benefits of the Hydradermie, with a focus on treating pigmented skin and age spots. Using Melanoyl, hyperpigmentation is treated by regulating melanin synthesis, slowing the production of melanin and reducing the presence of melanin in the skin. Vitamin C reinforces the lightening and is a powerful anti-oxidant, protecting and regenerating the tissues and stimulating collagen production.

Eye or Neck & Decollate Hydradermie – 30 min. $44

This targeted treatment firms, tones and rehydrates the delicate skin surrounding your eye or neck and decollate areas. Including a specific mask and serum to tighten and prevent premature ageing.
Add to a Hydradermie facial $34

Eye Logic Facial -45 minutes -$60*

The first complete treatment specifically for the eye contour, EYE LOGIC is a beauty treatment specifically designed for the eyes. Specially developed for this delicate area, this treatment targets puffiness and dark circles in the eye contour area as well as wrinkles between the eyes and in the corners. The “lifting effect” on the eyes is instantly visible, puffiness and dark circles are reduced.
* Add to any facial $45

Hydradermie Lifting Facials*

If you are looking for a serious anti-aging treatment, this facial program is a must! We use a low frequency stimulation current to tone the muscles of the face and neck, incorporating lymphatic drainage to relieve the skin of toxins. In the same way that body muscles are toned at a gym, this treatment adds a spectacular “lift effect” to your face from the very first session. For optimal results, we recommend a series of 3 to 6 treatments. *Book a series of treatments and receive $5.00 off each.

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe – 120 minutes – $190

For complete rejuvenation, this treatment incorporates our regular Hydradermie along with intense lymphatic drainage and muscle toning. We also use specific anti-aging serums to intensify the lifting effects.

Hydradermie Lift – 75 minutes – $125

This treatment includes: cleansing, toning, exfoliation, followed by lymphatic drainage, muscle toning and specific serums to intensify treatment. Finishing with relaxing and stimulating massage and mask

Hydradermie Lift Express – 45 minutes – $72

A quick but intense firming treatment including cleansing, toning, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage and muscle toning. No massage.

Hydradermie Eye Lifting – 30 minutes – $50*

To add new youth to your eye contour without the pain and expense of surgery, the solution; Hydradermie Eye Lifting Treatment. From the end of the very first treatment, small wrinkles and crow’s feet are smoothed, the brow looks lifted and the eyes look younger. For maximum results we recommend a series of three to six treatments.
*Add to any facial – $40

Age Summum Facial -60 minutes -$130

Take years off your face! GUINOT, the expert in anti-ageing skin care, has created AGE SUMMUM, a beauty treatment that combines technology and exclusive movements for visible results on signs of ageing. AGE SUMMUM begins with the application of GOMMAGE DERMABRASION. This exfoliation process, with active microparticles, rids the skin of dead cells and lets new cells appear. From the first step of the treatment, the skin already looks more youthful and lines are smoother.With the help of powerful active ingredients, the skin appears remarkably younger In the Beauty Therapist’s expert hands, the skin absorbs the regenerating serum AGE SUMMUM, enriched with Cellular Life Complex containing 56 biological active ingredients and pure, highly concentrated vitamin C. These unique components are used in hospitals to help regenerate new skin by effectively boosting cell activity and restoring life to the skin. The treatment continues with an anti-ageing massage consisting of 15 exclusive movements and the application of SÉRUM AGE SUMMUM, enriched with hyaluronic acid to firm tissue and combat skin slackening. The skin is toned once again. AGE SUMMUM concludes with the application of a radiance anti-ageing mask with Pro-Collagen. The skin appears instantly firmer. At the end of the treatment, the skin appears visibly more youthful and signs of ageing have been diminished.

Collagen Facial – 60 minutes $122

Designed for deep hydration and plumping of the skin. We use a high concentration of natural marine collagen in this instant, anti-aging treatment which promotes the production of your skin’s own natural collagen and will leave your skin smooth, deeply moisturized and radiant. Includes: cleansing, toning, exfoliation, relaxing massage and collagen mask.
Add a collagen Mask to any other facial – $42

Liftosome Facial – 60 minutes $104

The Liftosome Facial is completely dedicated to the firmness and youthfulness of the skin thanks to the key active ingredient, Pro Collagen Concentrate and the unique modeling effect of the Thermolift Mask. After cleansing, toning and exfoliating the skin, your therapist will apply the Pro-Collagen Concentrate. The Thermolift Mask is applied over this and will gently heat and solidify as it facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients and has an instantly tightening effect. After 15 minutes, the mask is removed and your skin is massaged with the Anti-age Serum, oxygenating and firming the skin.
Add the Pro-Collagen Concentrate, Thermolift Mask and Anti-Age Serum to any other facial – $62

Beauté Neuve Facials* – 60 minutes – $90

Fatigue, stress or passing years can contribute to loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of pigmentation marks. The skin may appear dull and congested. Using the renewing actions of fruit acids, glycolic acid and pure vitamin C, these gentle, but deep acting peeling treatments will restore a radiant complexion. For a deeper peeling treatment which works on anti-pigmentation and lightening, we recommend three treatments, one per week, followed by one per month to maintain skin lightnening benefit. *Book a series of three treatments and receive $5.00 of each. Add a hydradermie the following week and receive an additional $10.00 off. A total of $25.00 in savings.

Aromatherapy Facials

Intensive Aromatic Facial – 75 minutes – $90

Reveal the beauty of your skin through the virtues of plant extracts and essential oils, custom blended to create the ideal treatment for your skin. An intensive treatment that includes, Mild exfoliating to slough off dead skin,steam to deep cleanse,extractions to remove impurities and regeneration of your skin in depth with concentrated massage and mask.

Vitality Aromatic Facial – 45 minutes – $66

An express treatment that includes cleansing, toning ,exfoliation, massage and mask designed to remedy your skin’s specific needs.

Teen Facial – 60 minutes – $70

Customized for young, problem skin. Including a full consultation and advice on how to maintain a problem free, healthy skin. For clients up to 19 years old.