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Every day is a special occasion when you come to our local makeup studio.

Make Up

You may apply makeup nearly every day, but our professional and objective makeup artists could drastically change your daily routine. By showing you just how good your face could look, we'll help you user in a new era of beauty.

Many women don't understand the thin line between makeup-enhanced beauty and decoration, but our team of specialists will quickly show you the difference. With The Sanctuary Esthetic Studio in North Vancouver, our goal is to apply the best quality makeup products in a way that creates an immaculate and stunning appearance.

From eyelashes to rouge to lipstick and more, The Sanctuary Esthetic Studio has access to a wide world of makeup products. In addition, we know how to evaluate what will look good and can help you find the exact color shade or tone that's been missing from your look. A single visit with us and you'll never look at makeup the same way.

Our makeup team in North Vancouver is here to elevate your style. Pencil in a date with The Sanctuary Esthetic Studio by calling 604-929-4737.

A single visit with us and you'll never look at makeup the same way. The Sanctuary Esthetic Studio , North Vancouver.