Vascu Lyse Treatments

Vasculyse2gThread veins, spider veins, broken capillaries, whatever you choose to call them, we all have a few. Now with the very latest technology, we can remove them as well as ruby points, skin tags, milia, cholesterol deposits and hyperpigmentation spots.

The Vascu Lyse 2G by Silhouette-Tone uses a therapy called Thermocoagulation to safely, non-invasively, treat these common unsightly blemishes, leaving no visible marks on the skin.

Thermocoagulation use heat generated by radio frequency current, to convert fluids into solids. Using sterile, metal needles on the surface of the skin only, the RF current coagulates and eliminates the blood trapped in broken capillaries from the body, causing micro scar tissue to form, the blood then flows through adjoining vessels.

The sensation is similar to a needle pricking the skin, slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. As a result, vascular blemishes disappear instantly. Post treatment scabbing is temporary and barely noticeable.

OdetteSkincare381We recommend a consultation before the first treatment to discuss pre and post treatment protocols.

Minimum treatment (10 min or less) $50

15 Minute treatment $85

30 Minute treatment $120

45 Minute treatment $160